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The goal of the Social Science Data Lab is to pursue meaningful research collaborations with people in the Creighton and Omaha community. If you are interested in any of the services below, please reach out to our faculty or email Dr. Pierce Greenberg.

Community Partnerships

We are committed to forming community partnerships with non-profit organizations to help with the collection and analysis of social science data. Oftentimes, non-profits that are strapped for resources may not have the time or staff to analyze data. We want to partner with those organizations to help improve their programs, apply for grants, and be able to measure impact for donors. Further, there may be opportunities for collaboration and integration of projects in Creighton classes.

Research Consulting

Our faculty can provide a number of consulting services, whether it’s related to topic area expertise or methodological specialty. For example, we can consult on (1) data collection via survey design and methodology, interviews, or focus groups, (2) data analysis using social science statistics, coding, or qualitative methods, or (3) any other aspects of social science research design, implementation, and evaluation.

Expert Opinions

Our faculty are always available to speak to the media, local organizations, or any other audience with an interest in our research. See the latest faculty news appearances in our News posts.